Shopper Analytics

We analyze consumer behavior to improve the shopping experience.

Find out about your shopper and what factors determine or refrain them from purchasing inside the store.
With Shopper Analytics, you get effective insight into the Shopping Experience fundamentals.
Thanks to implicit detection technologies and Data Mining mastery we developed a new research concept for decision-making based on facts.

In-depth insights into every Shopping Journey phase

  • Understand how visitors move around the store or large retail spaces
  • Analyze the shoppers’ route in the shop
  • Analyze the interactions between shopper and product
  • Identify hot areas (the most visited) and cold areas (the least visited)
  • Measure the attractiveness of shop windows
  • Identify visitor clusters

Clear results translated into simple indicators

  • Millions of data organized into a customizable and easy to read online dashboard
  • Advanced analysis that turns data into fast and intuitive indicators
  • Results applied to Category Management principle
  • Validation on the comparison with objective reality

Privacy compliance

  • No images or videos are recorded
  • The analysis uses only data strings, without detecting sensitive information.
  • Privacy by design at every project base

Customizable for any context

  • A new dialogue tool between retailers and manufacturers
  • Applicable from small stores to large shopping centers
  • Possibility to compare different countries, different categories and points of sale formats

Conversion funnel
(passing, stopping, entering, buying)

Clustering by age, gender, groups

Stay & stopping dwell times

Store heatmap

Shelf heatmap

We answer your questions

  • How can I improve my store’s performance?
  • Are my shop windows effective?
  • How effective is my promotional material?
  • What are the best performing categories and products?
  • What are the most effective shelf layouts?
  • What is the optimal assortment?
  • What is the profile of my typical buyer?

How to access to Shopper Analytics

Accessing to Shopper Analytics services is very easy!
Fill out the form with a few basic information and we will contact you immediately to provide you with a personalized quote based on your real needs, or click on the contact link at the bottom of the page to get more information.

    Insight for

    Producer / Grocery - Retail / Shopping Mall / Showroom / Recreational & Cultural Services / Other Services

    Areas of application

    GDO / Grocery / Vending Machine / Pharma / Automotive / Drug store / Fashion / Technology / DIY / Pet Store / Gaming & Entertainment / Travelling & Leisure / Finance & Ensurance / Public Administration & Services / Trade Show & Events / Energy

    Technologies and services employed

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