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Understand in detail the client needs in his decision-making process

Big Data

Collect data with the most advanced technologies and convert it into information and metrics

Big Actions

Provide clear answers to specific Business Questions

We measure interactions, we process data, we give you solutions

Big data Science to support Retail Marketing Strategy

We study shopper behavior inside environments that include interactions with stores and products.

We observe in-store activities and collect millions of data using the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

We develop and implement technology solutions customized for the type of business and the results you want to achieve.

Consulting service: we guide you in reading data and elaborate strategies

We collect useful insights for companies and support them to obtain a correct reading and understanding of the data and assist them in defining the best business strategy.

Thanks to a team of researchers, data science experts, category management and shopper marketing, we offer a consulting service aimed at all companies that want to understand how to optimize their products’ performance and their communication inside any type of stores: from small stores to large stations, from the manufacturers to the retailers.

Why choose Grottinilab:

  • Use of the most advanced data collection technologies
  • Decoding the purchase conversion process
  • Online dashboard updated in real time with daily, weekly, monthly trends
  • Generating of conclusive reports for each test carried out with the key evidence and business recommendations
  • Post-analytics and data reading support service
  • Different technologies perfectly integrated
  • Database generating with a history useful for benchmarking analysis
  • Steady collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Marche that certifies all our systems
  • Know how in data science, category management and shopper marketing

Some of our indicators:

  • Number of visitors at the point of sale
  • Number of visitors in the category and % on the total of store visitors
  • Number of visitors interacting with shelf Sku and % with respect to the total of visitors in the category
  • Number of visitors buying the Sku on shelf and % on Shoppers interacting with products in the category



We collect your Business Questions and identify relevant insights and metrics. We build specially designed projects and use the most appropriate technologies. The data we record gives rise to easy numerical indicators quantifying and describing the phenomena and accurately reflect reality and are therefore directly attributable to the Return on Investment (ROI).



With innovative technologies, we record, in the form of data strings, the movements made by people inside the store or in front of the shelf. We use completely passive detection methods that do not interfere with the daily activities of shoppers and store staff in any way, with no data privacy implications.



We use the metrics generated to provide concrete indicators to identify key factors and barriers af-fecting the purchase of categories and products. We translate the results into solutions to improve the visibility and effectiveness of promotions, the validity of the investment, displays, shelf layout and assortment choice.

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Case History

Our solutions to detect
the Shopping Journey

People Counter Evolution

Check and manage your visitors flow in a simple, cost-effective and automatic way.

How many people are there in your environment? How many people come in every week, every day, every hour? What is your promotional activity attraction rate?

People Counter Evolution (PcE) is an innovative people counter system to provides the updated situation on visitors inside an environment in REAL TIME.

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Shopper Analytics

We analyze shopper behavior to improve the shopping experience.

Who is your shopper, how does she or he move around the point of sale, how does she or he interact with the shelf, how long does she or he take to decide what to buy?

Shopper Analytics (Sa) is the solution that provides effective insight into the customer experience and decodes the factors determining or slowing down purchasing in the store.

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Shopper Science Lab

We test your Shopper Marketing strategies in a real point of sale.

How to quickly activate a/b tests on products, promotional or communication material? How to assess the assortment or planogram?

Shopper Science Lab (SsL) is a point of sale that is already equipped with all our technologies. The Shopper Behavior can be surveyed, and tests can be carried out to support the strategies of Shopper Marketing, Category Management, new product testing and Packaging for small and large companies.

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Store Audit App

We collect and manage the point of sale’s structural data effectively.

How can you speed up the point-of-sale audits and optimize your visual merchandizer activities? How can you make the most of the data collected?

Store Audit App (SaA) allows checking shelves, product presence and placement, pricing, promotions under way and many other useful data by uploading to an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Shelf Management

We provide you with the system to comply with the planogram and avoid Out of Stock.

Are planograms complied with? How long does it take the staff to make the refill? How many sales could you lose due to an empty or messy shelf?

Shelf Management (Sm) monitors the shelf status, detects Out of Stock and analysis planogram compliance automatically. The system sends alerts and notifications on the shelf performance in real time.

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Visual Merchandising

We combine Data Analytics and Visual Strategy to improve store performance.

Do your shop sign and shop window attract consumers? Is the communication material arranged correctly? What is your return on investment (ROI)?

Visual Merchandising (Vm) Visual Merchandising (Vm) assesses the effectiveness of your visual strategy, allowing you to optimize your store layout to improve the customer experience.

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