How can I measure the performance of my product within the category?

The analysis of the sales data alone provides a picture of the final result but does not return any information on the factors that determined or not the purchase. Thanks to the installation of our implicit consumer behavior monitoring systems, we will provide detailed information on how many shoppers visit the category and how many interact with the products and complete the purchase or replace the product on the shelf.

What is the profile of my typical shopper?

Our devices allow segmenting shoppers by gender, age and classifying them if they visit the shop alone, as a couple or with the family: by this, we will know which type of shopper is most interested in your product.

What is the level of compliance with the standard planogram and the impact of out of stock on my products’ sales?

Our shelf sensors are able to monitor the status of your products and detect the level of compliance with the standard planogram. We can perfectly integrate technology data with retailer sales data to check how out of stock impacts sales.

How can I collect structural data for the point of sale and categories?

Thanks to our application you can quickly and immediately detect the status of all the sales fundamentals (presence/absence of product, linear meters, number of product façades, prices, promotions, etc.) and you will have a practical dashboard with all the data collected in real time.

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