Shopper Analytics




Shopper Analytics is the most unique and valuable technology solution to better know your shopper behaviour.

The SA system discretely observes detailed activity in store.
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision are at the forefront of our technologies.
Grottini Lab team with Politechnic University of Marche have developed this technology with the main goal
to better understand Consumer Behavior.


Areas to Measure

-Store windows and Entrance

-In-Store Interaction

-Store flow




Measure the level of attraction that the store is creating on your consumers




Measure the time your consumers spend in front of your Brand display



Measure the numbers of consumers that enter the store and interact with your merchandise




A proprietary solution for in-store tracking that help brands and retailer to optimize performances and strategies.


Shopper Analytics benefits

Exclusive features:
• privacy compliant
• reliable and real time data management
Exclusive advantages:
Shopper Analytics provide support to improve store efficency:
• Planogram
• Merchandising Effectivness
• Logistics
• Labour
• Marketing
• Customer Knowledge
• Retail Design
• Branding


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