Retail Intelligence

Grottini Lab  studies people in retail environments and their interactions with stores and products. We observe in major details and discretely what happens in store by using the state of the art of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies. We excel at determining, developing and implementing tailor-made technological solutions.

Our Mission is to observe, measure, and inform our clients on store performance indicators as shelf availability, out of stock, planogram respect, consumer behaviours and, of course, about all interactions between players involved. We are focused to create knowledge to support our clients to optimize and improve their business.

Our tools are 100% developed by our team and build to be realiable, affordable easy to install and maintain. Intelligence is based on proprietary software totally managed from remote and able to provide easy to read report on line.


Shelf Detector

On Shelf Availability is one of the main indicators of the stores performance. Shelf Detector is based on easy to install and 100% reliable sensors network able to know everything about the activities of the products on hypermarket shelf, particularly focused on Shef out of Stock, Planogram optimization and to support Refill team.


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Shopper Analytics

How many people are visiting that corridor of the store, how many of them stop in front of a specific product and how many of them touch the product and finally buy it …. Answer to this questions is the main goal of Shopper Analytics able to discretely observe and report reliable informations on interaction between consumers , stores and products.

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Planogram Integrity
Respect Planogram mean improve On Shelf Availability and SellOut. Planogram Integrity is like an artificial eye to detect planogram shelf management. The vision system measure planogram integrity rate and collect images coming from the store in real time.




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